Allison Eklund


Wesley Scoggin

Allison Eklund and Wesley Scoggin

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Our Story

Wesley and Allison first laid eyes on each other on her first day of work at Franklin Templeton in October 2012. The thing that immediately intrigued Wesley was her intelligence and values, and of course her beautiful smile. Wesley, never one to show his hand, thought he'd play it cool and wait for the perfect opportunity to ask her for a date. Over the next several months, Wesley stayed in the platonic, colleague/friend zone, analyzing how and when to make his feelings known.

Meanwhile, Allison grew fond of Wesley's dashing good looks and witty charm. She noticed his easygoing, respectful personality, and felt how effortless it was to talk to him. There was an energy that she noticed when she was with him. Secretly, she looked for opportunities to spend time with him in and out of work.

Wesley invited Allison to a party at his home in Midtown one weekend in February 2013. Still playing it extra cautious, he down played his excitement that she may come to his party. Once at the party, Wesley's friends blew his cover and explained to Allison she was the girl he'd been talking about for months. Wesley was relieved more than humiliated to have the cat out of the bag, and they went on their first date the very next evening.

On that date, they both let down their guard and shared they had growing feelings for one another. They've been inseparable ever since. They have found that above all else, spending time with one another is their reset button in life. Whether it be enjoying each others company after a long day of work, traveling to remote destinations around the world, being together in the great outdoors, or working on the their new home, time together is always time well spent.

Wesley proposed on November 11, 2017 at Fallen Leaf Lake near Lake Tahoe.

A note from Wesley and Allison:
We are so grateful for the incredible love and support we've be shown from all of you. We hope our wedding will be a special time for our families and friends to come together and create wonderful memories, laugh together, and help us celebrate the start to our marriage.
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